Month: November 2022

Makeup for the perfect selfie: 5 beauty tips to look beautiful in all pictures

A vacation, a party with friends, a family holiday — how often it is a shame for a failed shot. Fortunately, there are ways to hack this system and increase the percentage of successful photos, from which you will not have to remove the mark in social networks. In addition to following the basic rules, such as: during a selfie, it is better to hold the camera as high as possible, pointing the lens down at a slight angle, and […]

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3 tricks that will make thin hair more Voluminous

Sleight of hand and no fraud

In many ways, what kind of hair you have — thin or thick and voluminous — depends on your genes. But this does not mean that you need to give up and give up the dream of becoming the owner of a luxurious head of hair. There are several simple beauty tricks that will help to realize it in a minimum of time, giving thin hair more volume without the effect of weighting.

No. 1: the […]

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Clean manicure is a new trend that is worth trying right now

After a huge number of experiments with complex nail designs for the New Year, Chinese New Year, and then also on February 14, there is a clear trend for a minimalistic and completely simple, clean manicure. Simply put, this manicure is either completely uncoated (the nails remain bare), or using a translucent varnish that repeats the natural color of the nail plate.

Despite the fact that a manicure with gel polish has many advantages – for example, it lasts longer and […]

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