Correct movements

Movements along massage lines should be performed during any care procedures. Not everyone knows how to take care of themselves properly. Massage technique prevents the formation of wrinkles, does not stretch the skin. The fingers should move in a certain sequence. These rules of self-care are simple and effective.

2 A fresh look

And where to start taking care of yourself at a young age? Young beauties should remember that patches and moisturizers are best stored in the refrigerator. With the use of chilled products, daily care at home will be more effective.

3 Face Masks

How should a girl who dreams of keeping her skin young take care of herself? A mandatory procedure is the use of different masks. Masks can be made on the basis of yogurt, honey, kiwi and other fruits.

4 Good morning!

Not all guys know how to start courting a girl. Not all girls consider themselves beautiful. In the morning, the girl should compliment herself, after which you can start a new day.

5 Fragrant “cloud”

It is necessary to know in detail how to take care of a girl. Classic perfumes are sprayed on pulsation points. To distribute the fragrance evenly, you should spray the spray at chest level and enter the “cloud”.