Clean manicure is a new trend that is worth trying right now

After a huge number of experiments with complex nail designs for the New Year, Chinese New Year, and then also on February 14, there is a clear trend for a minimalistic and completely simple, clean manicure. Simply put, this manicure is either completely uncoated (the nails remain bare), or using a translucent varnish that repeats the natural color of the nail plate.

Despite the fact that a manicure with gel polish has many advantages – for example, it lasts longer and even after two weeks it still shines — a clean uncoated manicure is now a priority! This will benefit especially those who cannot live without gel polish. The fact is that synthetic versions of the nail polish cover the nail and do not allow it to breathe, which leads to weakening, thinning and softness of the nail plate. Plus, the risk of fungal infections increases. The situation may worsen if the long-term coating was incorrectly removed, which is why it is so important to go only to proven salons to professional craftsmen and it is better not to remove the coating yourself.

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The main thing in a clean manicure is well—groomed, healthy shiny nails. You can achieve this effect not only in the nail salon, but also at home, but you will have to stock up on special tools:

files, including the one that polishes the nail plate, giving it shine;

with an orange stick;

exfoliating hand scrub;

cuticle oil;

hand cream.

In principle, these funds should be available even to those who trust hand care only to nail masters. Since they help to prolong the salon effect, keeping hands and nails in perfect condition.

For those who decide to get a manicure at home, it is worth making a rule to trim — or cut off, if you are an adept of uncut manicure — nails every two weeks, giving them a natural shape (oval or soft square). Also, do not forget to treat the rollers on the sides of the nail with a grinder (a special file with a rough surface) and the nail plate itself (with another file). With an orange stick, gently push the cuticle away and remove the pterygium (a thin film that fits tightly to the nail plate) — this can be done once every three days. Apply hand cream and distribute it with massage movements until completely absorbed. At the end, use nail and cuticle oil, carefully rubbing it into the skin and nails, removing excess with a paper towel. Ideally, this oil should be used every day, for example before going to bed. Observing these simple rules, you can become an influencer of a clean manicure, since your hands and nails will always be well-groomed and look as if you just left a beauty salon.