How to start taking care of yourself?

Start with small steps and simple habits that will not take much time, but will definitely make you treat yourself with care. Gradually, all these rituals will become a habit, and your life will change:

set clear goals for yourself: lose weight by a specific number of kilograms, give up sugar, cleanse your skin before going to bed or go to bed at the same time;

stop perceiving daily procedures as a heavy duty. Learn to enjoy the usual actions: washing, removing makeup, applying cream. You will definitely get a taste;

make a schedule of home care

Start with a 15-minute charge in the morning or with the distribution of rituals on all days of the week: on Monday – the face, on Tuesday – the hands, on Wednesday – the body, and so on;

choose the type of activity and care you like, and not because it is fashionable or profitable. The only sure way to take care of yourself is to listen to what your body wants;

thank yourself as if you were thanking a friend who took care of you. Give yourself gifts and just praise yourself. It is very important.

Tatiana: There are more complicated cases. When we realize that there is something that is useful for us, but we do not do it. This happens unconsciously. When a large number of conflicts and adaptation mechanisms occur inside a person, he already tends to start destroying himself.

This happens in order not to feel pain and get rid of it as soon as possible. Someone chooses difficult relationships with people or enters into conflicts, someone constantly exercises more than the body can withstand, someone constantly overeats. If a person is constantly testing himself, then simple tips about washing can hardly help. In this case, it is better to contact a specialist and work with internal problems.