Together with a psychologist, we tell you how to start taking care of your body and body.

Everyone probably knows the simplest rules of self-care: healthy eating, sleep, physical activity, skin cleansing and protection from sunlight.

Gone are the days when attention to your appearance, clothes and makeup was considered a sign of frivolity. Well—groomed appearance is an important part of success. With your appearance, you show that you know how to allocate time and keep up with everything: work, work with your family, attend workouts and take care of your skin. The first step in taking care […]

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Clean manicure is a new trend that is worth trying right now

After a huge number of experiments with complex nail designs for the New Year, Chinese New Year, and then also on February 14, there is a clear trend for a minimalistic and completely simple, clean manicure. Simply put, this manicure is either completely uncoated (the nails remain bare), or using a translucent varnish that repeats the natural color of the nail plate.

Despite the fact that a manicure with gel polish has many advantages – for example, it lasts longer and […]

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