How to start taking care of yourself?

Start with small steps and simple habits that will not take much time, but will definitely make you treat yourself with care. Gradually, all these rituals will become a habit, and your life will change:

set clear goals for yourself: lose weight by a specific number of kilograms, give up sugar, cleanse your skin before going to bed or go to bed at the same time;

stop perceiving daily procedures as a heavy duty. Learn to enjoy the usual actions: washing, removing […]

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Correct movements

Movements along massage lines should be performed during any care procedures. Not everyone knows how to take care of themselves properly. Massage technique prevents the formation of wrinkles, does not stretch the skin. The fingers should move in a certain sequence. These rules of self-care are simple and effective.

2 A fresh look

And where to start taking care of yourself at a young age? Young beauties should remember that patches and moisturizers are best stored in the refrigerator. With the use […]

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Makeup for the perfect selfie: 5 beauty tips to look beautiful in all pictures

A vacation, a party with friends, a family holiday — how often it is a shame for a failed shot. Fortunately, there are ways to hack this system and increase the percentage of successful photos, from which you will not have to remove the mark in social networks. In addition to following the basic rules, such as: during a selfie, it is better to hold the camera as high as possible, pointing the lens down at a slight angle, and […]

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