Makeup for the perfect selfie: 5 beauty tips to look beautiful in all pictures

A vacation, a party with friends, a family holiday — how often it is a shame for a failed shot. Fortunately, there are ways to hack this system and increase the percentage of successful photos, from which you will not have to remove the mark in social networks. In addition to following the basic rules, such as: during a selfie, it is better to hold the camera as high as possible, pointing the lens down at a slight angle, and in general photos it is better not to stand in the center, otherwise there is a risk of looking disproportionately — you should also take care of makeup in advance, which will favorably emphasize your advantages and hide flaws.

Beauty secret #1: Don’t forget to use powder

Makeup for the perfect selfie.

This life hack really significantly improves the quality of photos. If you do not use powder in principle, then at least apply a white or, more precisely, transparent powder to the T-zone, which will not block the healthy radiance of the skin, but minimizes the risk of greasy shine on the face.

Before you go to a party, be sure to take a photo with a flash, you can even use the front camera. This will help to identify and correct minor makeup mistakes in time, such as too light foundation or blush stain.

Beauty secret #2: always carry a concealer with you

Makeup for the perfect selfie.

Concealer is needed to quickly mask redness on the skin, as well as neutralize signs of fatigue and lack of sleep, such as dark circles under the eyes. Before you get into the frame, carefully examine your face and correct all defects. Plus concealer is also that usually this beauty product is produced in a miniature tube that will fit in any, even the smallest bag.

Beauty secret #3: intensively color your eyelashes

Makeup for the perfect selfie.

Several layers of mascara on the upper and lower lashes or false bunches instantly open the look and give it expressiveness. If when looking in the mirror the result seems vulgar to you, remember — this is what you need for a perfect photo. The fact is that even telephone optics literally blurs the features and eats up excess makeup. And thickly dyed or false eyelashes will not let the eyes disappear. This rule is especially relevant for girls with small eyes or an overhanging eyelid.


Cosmetologists and makeup artists in one voice say that sunscreen should be used all year round. This is true, but there is one caveat: the sanskrit paired with the camera flash greatly whitens the face, killing even a hint of tan. Remember this!

Beauty secret #4: pay special attention to your eyebrows

Makeup for the perfect selfie

Eyebrows are an important part of any makeup. If you neglect them, the face will look flat and colorless — this happens not only in everyday life, but also during a photo shoot. Therefore, make it a rule to always comb, tint and style your eyebrows to look stunning 24/7.

Beauty secret #5: choose a cool shade of lipstick

Makeup for the perfect selfie.

Lipsticks or lip glosses of a cold shade (these are those that contain blue pigment) visually neutralize the yellowness of the teeth and give them a snow-white glow. The classic red lipstick is considered the most win-win option. And in order not to worry whether it will remain on the lips until the end of the photo shoot or party, you need to draw a contour and shade the surface of the lips with a pencil to match the lipstick.