3 tricks that will make thin hair more Voluminous

Sleight of hand and no fraud

In many ways, what kind of hair you have — thin or thick and voluminous — depends on your genes. But this does not mean that you need to give up and give up the dream of becoming the owner of a luxurious head of hair. There are several simple beauty tricks that will help to realize it in a minimum of time, giving thin hair more volume without the effect of weighting.

No. 1: the right haircut

Genes are genes, and a competent haircut can work a miracle, and thin hair will become lush and thick. Moreover, the effect will be noticeable even without special styling and the use of styling products. These hairstyles include: square (even elongated!), ladder and pixie.

It is also worth remembering a few rules:

the strands of the face should be shorter than the main mass of hair;

if you want bangs, then it should be elongated;

the more structured the haircut, the better.

No. 2: experiments with hair color

Texture and contrasts — for example, in the form of light highlights against a background of darker hair — create a visual effect of volume. With this coloring, even very thin hair becomes a shock. By the way, the light strands of the face still refresh and rejuvenate the image.

These same contrasts can be both smooth and rigid, with a visible border between colors. Here, as you like it better, but at the same time it is worth understanding that soft transitions look more natural and harmonious.

No. 3: different styling

Before proceeding to styling, let’s talk about drying your hair. If you want to add volume without the additional use of mousse or spray, dry your hair by throwing it forward, that is, standing upside down. The hair dryer should be held over your head so that the air slides through the hair from top to bottom. Otherwise, the cuticles will open and split ends will appear — this is at best, at worst — the hair will resemble straw. And be sure to apply a heat—protective spray before drying – it will not reduce the volume, but it will protect the hair from high temperature.

As for styling, it is enough to change the usual parting: wear it in the center, make it on the left or right, just combing your hair on the other side. You will be surprised how such an elementary technique will add a stunning root volume. To fix it, you can lightly brush the hair at the roots with a thin brush and fix it with varnish, but do not overdo it. And another nuance: forget about smooth and tight hairstyles. Now big curls and a mess on your head are your best friends.