Together with a psychologist, we tell you how to start taking care of your body and body.

Everyone probably knows the simplest rules of self-care: healthy eating, sleep, physical activity, skin cleansing and protection from sunlight.

Gone are the days when attention to your appearance, clothes and makeup was considered a sign of frivolity. Well—groomed appearance is an important part of success. With your appearance, you show that you know how to allocate time and keep up with everything: work, work with your family, attend workouts and take care of your skin. The first step in taking care of yourself, as in everything, is the most painful and difficult. But why is it so hard to take care of yourself sometimes?

Tatiana Poshatalova

psychologist, founder of the Integral Space Academy, teacher of Mindfulness

We have a certain culture that since childhood does not teach, but rather, on the contrary, teaches us not to listen to ourselves, to our feelings, to our emotions, desires and needs. Over time, this habit of distancing oneself from one’s body, from one’s desires and feelings develops on this foundation.

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