Hairstyle trend 2022: scandi slick — the perfect styling for any weather in autumn

Scandinavian simplicity and elementary outfits with clear silhouettes fascinates the whole world, gathering an army of fans around them. This style applies not only to clothes, but also to hairstyles, called scandi slick. Their distinctive feature is wet hair, removed from the face or gathered in a bun.

There is an opinion that wet styling is a hair trend of the warm season. This was the case until this year, now everything has changed, and scandi slick with the arrival of autumn are not sent to the blacklist, but, on the contrary, remain at the top.

Alexey Osipchuk:

“In many ways, the popularity of this styling is due to the fact that it makes it possible to show beautiful facial features, emphasize the correct oval of the face, and it is also a great way to demonstrate accessories. But you need to be very careful, because not all ovals of faces will fit this styling. Although a well-chosen parting can correct the situation.”

Ivan Ivanov: “Due to the parting line, straight or oblique, you can adjust the shape of the face. For example, a straight parting goes to more oval faces, and for other forms (triangular, rectangular, round), a side parting will be the best option, which visually hides the asymmetry and brings the proportions of the face closer to the ideal. By letting your hair down and leaving strands to fall on your face, you can hide a high forehead — there are many simple but effective life hacks that a stylist can share with you, focusing specifically on your request.”