5 simple steps to healthy and beautiful hair

Perhaps the most effective guide you’ve seen

If your hair is not shiny, dull and there seems to be nothing to do with it — go to the SACO stylist. Experts explain what simple steps and new habits will help to qualitatively improve the condition of your curls. And be sure — they will restore your hair in a fairly short time.

Hair is one of the main indicators of health. They are highly susceptible to the adverse influence of various external factors — from sudden temperature changes to stress and unstable diet. These six simple steps will help to restore a healthy look to your hair and easily become a habit.

Go check up “Healthy Hair” at SACO

The checkup lasts only 30 minutes and includes a trichoscopy, a personal selection of shampoo, masks, ampoules that will enhance the growth and strengthening of hair, and a detailed master class on how to use them at home. You will also receive a personal plan for professional care in the salon.

Pick up the funds together with a stylist and a trichologist

The regrown part of the hair is a structure in which the processes of vital activity are no longer going on. But it is always possible to “repair, glue or plaster it” and even stop the destruction. To do this, conditioners are used — the substances in them are fixed on the hair shaft and contribute to gluing the cuticle scales to each other. The main problem is that the chosen remedy is not too sticky and greasy and thus the appearance of the hair does not deteriorate.


Do not prescribe dietary supplements and vitamins yourself

“It is impossible to drink vitamins uncontrollably. Because the signs of a shortage of certain elements described on the Internet often coincide, and you will decide that you have a shortage of one, but in fact — another vitamin. In addition, you need to take them not constantly, but in courses, taking a break, and ideally, after completing the reception, take tests and see how the indicators have changed. Keep in mind that there are physiological periods of hair loss — spring and autumn,” says dermatocosmetologist, trichologist of the SACO beauty salon network.

Trim the ends of your hair regularly

All serums give a temporary effect, before the first wash and no more, but allow the hair to look better than without them. To begin with, it is worth getting rid of the split ends. This will give the hair a neater look, and they will start to get tangled less, fit better and break less. It’s hard to get a haircut when you’re fighting for every hair, but if you have thin hair, then when you cut it a couple of centimeters, they will look thicker.