Why we don’t always find time for ourselves

There are several reasons that do not allow you to take care of yourself:

Laziness. Yes, this is probably the most common reason why all the rituals for taking care of yourself and your body are collapsing. “I don’t have time and money!” is the most common excuse not to take care of myself, but these are just reasons and excuses. In fact, once you make a nutrition plan, you will stick to it for many years, an intimidating evening ritual of skin care will take you only five to seven minutes, and you can keep your body in good shape for 20-30 daily minutes of charging.


Every day we are surrounded by an environment where it is very easy to get fast dopamine, and taking care of yourself is about deferred benefits. There are easy efforts from which you can get more pleasure right now. This may be one of the factors why a person at the moment can somehow conditionally “score” on himself.

You weren’t taught that. But here we are talking not just about the fact that you have not been taught to eat properly, but about a more global one — you have not been taught to take care of yourself. It is the influence of parents that lays down our careful or, conversely, neglectful attitude towards ourselves. Our sense of self is formed at an early age on the basis of words, actions and views of adults. If this experience was positive, there is a healthy feeling of your body. Otherwise, at a conscious age, we begin to express dislike for ourselves in various ways: we eat poorly, refuse to care and often forget about ourselves. And many even feel guilty about taking care of themselves.

“Not for anyone.” Most girls have a firmly entrenched stereotype that you need to be beautiful for outsiders. After all, what will your colleagues think when you come to the office with a dirty head. Whether it’s at home. You can walk around in pajamas all day. However, you need to understand that taking care of yourself is for yourself.

Some of us take care of others more easily than we take care of ourselves. Most often, such self-denial is copied from a mother or grandmother. But think about it, because it will be passed on to your children. Therefore, it is important to learn to be aware of and satisfy your needs, and not the opinions of others.

“I’m going to get old anyway.” Both women and men have a midlife crisis. At this point, we all start to feel older. And it may seem that youth is leaving, which means you can forget about yourself. The first wrinkles will not disappear anyway, and the withering body will not regain its former elasticity. Such pessimism inexorably destroys femininity and lowers self-esteem. Pay attention to how well-groomed adults sometimes attract the eye. After all, it’s not about age, but about self-love.